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What you to look for when booking a DJ for your Ceremony! See what makes Raystown DJ stand out from

Do you want to avoid…

§ Guests not hearing your officiant, and your special vows?

§ Annoying and embarrassing static, feedback, squeals, and noise from the microphones and speakers?

In short, do you want things done RIGHT?

If you’ve visited my site, or read any of my social media post, you’ve probably noticed that I spend a LOT of time talking about wedding ceremonies.  I focus so much on this aspect of what I do because at the end of the day, the wedding ceremony is the most intimate, emotional, and meaningful part of your wedding day, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Unfortunately, many DJs, and even couples, for that matter, can tend to treat certain aspects of their ceremony as an afterthought.  From the standpoint of a “typical” DJ, the ceremony isn’t “that big of a deal” because they’re only thinking about the limited nature of their involvement in it.

For them, it’s “just a small sound system,” “a few songs,” and “maybe a microphone.”  It only lasts half-an-hour or less in most cases, and isn’t a time for the DJ to show case their equipment and skills etc etc..

What you need in a DJ!

This is the most important 30 minutes (or however long) of the entire day, and the reason we’re all gathered together!  The type and quality of the equipment used is of utmost importance because its presence should be as transparent as possible, and it absolutely MUST function FLAWLESSLY.

To this end, I continually invest quite a bit more than most DJs in my ceremony system, and have designed it specifically to meet the many and varied demands of wedding ceremonies. Being a mobile DJ requires much more then just sound equipment it requires the ability to be able to adapt and adjust without mistakes or errors, all wedding venues are different some are brand new and some are barns or rustic places that have old wiring and minimal resources, here at Raystown DJ we go above and beyond to be able to adjust and make the systems work with all venues, if you have ever been around when we are setting up you’ll notice it looks like Jason Aldean is coming in to set up and people ask why we have so much equipment its because we have everything from 1,000’s of feet of extension cord and hundreds of feet of speaker cable or on the flip side wireless speakers and lighting etc this is an example of being prepared for what the venue brings you and what the customer needs and or wants.

One aspect of wedding DJ equipment that is essential to the success of your ceremony are the microphones (yes, plural – there should ALWAYS be more than one, and NO, you shouldn’t have to pay “extra” for them!) that are used for your ceremony.  Two are necessary to ensure your DJ has the best possible coverage and sound control for you, your fiance, and your officiant.  Having more than one live microphone also means you always have a built-in backup if you need it. 

Remember:  There are no “re-do’s” or second chances for your wedding ceremony!

The mic:  To hold, or not to hold…

Handheld microphones have many disadvantages because your officiant is either forced to hold them in one hand the whole time, making it awkward for them to manipulate their reading materials, facilitate things like ring ceremonies, etc., or the mic itself must be on a stand that will end up being front and center in your ceremony, where it will not only interfere with movement, but will also end up as an eyesore in all of your pictures! We also give the opportunity for your pastor to use one of our ipad’s to prepare his or her materials on rather than having to hold a bible and a book or notes.

Lavaliere (clip-on) microphones are the best solution for wedding ceremonies because they are discrete, portable, and work well for isolating and enhancing individual speakers at different times during your ceremony.  This allows your DJ to adjust the volume and EQ in real-time as each person is speaking to make sure everyone is heard clearly, and at the same volume.

They can be discretely placed, and even hidden in clothing to make sure they do not distract during your ceremony or stand out in all of your pictures.

At the end of the day…

Your professional wedding DJ is investing a lot of time, money, and care into providing you with the most solid performance, and a stress-free and worry-free ceremony service.  It goes without saying, then, that YOU should make a reasonable investment in your professional wedding DJ!

Hands down there are many good DJ’s on the East Coast but be sure to question your DJ on his plans and performance ideas along with what equipment they provide. Raystown DJ gives the guarantee to have the top of the line equipment and attends training sessions and online monthly meetings with high value dealers and performers to assure the newest equipment and wedding ideas. Having enough equipment that values more than most peoples homes doesn’t mean you’re the best DJ in the world and even though we are one of them we don’t strive for success with our equipment it all comes from customer services, read our reviews and see how many customers we have served over the last 10 years with good reviews and happiness from them.

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